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Code of Conduct

Cy-Woods follows all district policies on Code of Conduct. Click HERE to get more information. Code of Conduct Policy (Back to Top)

Dress Code Policy

Students should not wear clothing that is tight, loose, sagging, baggy, revealing, spaghetti-strap, backless, low-cut, or short. Students who are in violation of the dress code will have the option of correcting the violation or being placed in DMC. Repeat violators will receive additional consequences.

  • PANTS – must be worn at the waist and not reveal underclothing
  • SHORTS/SKIRTS – worn at the waist, not reveal underclothing, at least mid-thigh
  • TOPS – must not reveal underclothing, midsection, torso, back, chest, breast, or cleavage
  • DRESSES – must not reveal underclothing, midsection, torso, back, chest, breast, or cleavage and must be at least mid-thigh in length
  • HEAD COVERINGS – No type of head covering should be worn unless (1) it’s part of a uniform worn at a school activity or (2) for religious or medical purposes
  • JEWELRY/PIERCINGS – Noisy, distracting and excessive jewelry or accessories are prohibited (including wallet chains).
  • TATTOOS – Tattoos that are gang-related, offensive or distracting must be covered at all times.
  • HAIR/MAKE-UP – Must be well groomed, neat and clean at all times; hair style/color and make-up must not detract from the learning environment (Back to Top)
Electronic Device Policy

Use of electronic devices will be permitted in the building during all non-instructional time. Use of electronic devices in classroom is at teacher discretion.(Back to Top)

Late Work Policy

       A grade penalty will be applied to late work.

  • 1 day late = 90 max
  • 2 days late = 80 max
  • 3 days late = 70 max
  • >3 days late = 60 max 

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Redo/Retest Policy

At Cypress Woods High School, it is our focus to work side-by-side with all students in order to reach the highest levels of academic success possible. Students at Cypress Woods High School shall be afforded the following opportunity each grading period in each course:

  •         One (1) opportunity to redo a grade for which a failing grade (below 70)         was earned
  •         The highest grade possible on a redo is a 70
  •         No grade lower than the original grade will be earned 
  •         Tutorial attendance may be required
  •         Redo opportunities shall be completed prior to the next unit exam
  •         District Progress Monitoring (DPM’s), TEKS tests, and Final Exams are             not included.   

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Tardy Policy

Students who accumulate 3 tardies to first period, within a grading period, shall have their parking privileges revoked for 5 school days. This consequence will occur for every 3 accumulated tardies to first period within a grading period. (Back to Top)

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