Semester Exemptions


All students in grades 9-12 shall have the opportunity to earn exemptions from fall and spring semester exams.

Freshmen shall be allowed one exemption per semester; sophomores, two exemptions per semester; juniors, three exemptions per semester; and seniors, four exemptions during the fall semester and seven exemptions during the spring semester. 

These exemptions shall be based on attendance, conduct and grades for each semester.

A student shall be exempt from an examination when he or she has a grade of A (90-100) or B (80-89) and has no more than three absences from that course in the semester. A student will be counted as absent if the student is not in class at the official attendance-taking time. Exception: Students who are on campus at the time attendance is taken but who are not in their assigned classroom are considered in attendance, provided they were with a campus official (ex. Nurse, Counselor, Assistant Principal, etc.) 

Even when a student has earned an exemption, he or she may elect to take the exam. If a student chooses to exempt an exam, he/she may still attend school.  If the student chooses not to attend school, he/she will be counted as absent.  This absence will be reflected on the student’s report card.  

No student shall be exempt from exams while owing fees or costs of textbooks. 

The following guidelines shall determine how various types of absences shall count for purposes of these exemption criteria: 

  1. Classes missed because of school-sponsored field trips, military days, and college days shall not count against a student. 
  2. Class absences resulting from a meeting initiated by an administrator or counselor shall not count against the student. 
  3. Classes missed because a student chooses to visit a clinic or a counselor, without being required to do so, shall count as an absence. 

If a student is suspended (out of school) or assigned to a DAEP for any number of days, he or she shall lose eligibility for exemptions during that semester.

For more information regarding Final Exam Exemptions please refer to the Student Handbook pages 13 - 14.  The Student Handbook can be found at

All students will have the opportunity for exemptions from final semester exams based on attendance and grades according to the following:

Fall & Spring Exemptions

Exempted Exams allowed:
Numerical Grade Number of Absences Allowed
9th grade = 1 per semester 80+ 3
 10th grade = 2 per semester 80+ 3
11th grade = 3 per semester 80+ 3
 12th grade = 4 (Fall); 7 (Spr)
per semester



Note:  Any student may elect to take an exam even though he/she has qualified for an exemption.  If the exam grade will improve the student’s grade, he/she may choose to have the exam grade count.


Does NOT count against exemptions

Does count against exemptions

Immediate Loss of Exemption

School Sponsored Field Trips

College Day


Military Day

  • Doctor Note (DN) –

(A student does not attend school before or after a doctor/dentist appointment and supplies a doctor note.)

  • Doctor Return Note (DR) –

(A student attends school before or after a doctor/dentist appointment and supplies a 
doctor note.)

  • Court (with documentation)


  • Failure to clear lost textbook, fees, and/or fines
  • Suspension from school
  • U (unsatisfactory) in conduct; including referral to AP office

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