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Karla Rutan
Registrar - 281.213.1830

Registrar’s Assistant – 281.213.1865

Assistant Registrar - 281.213.1864

FAX NUMBER - 281.213.1827

GPA/RANK information is available on HAC

VOE (Verification of Enrollment for driving purposes) can be ordered by contacting the Receptionists


The required documents are listed below. Please be aware that if your documents are incomplete or not attached to the registration when submitted online, more communication will be needed to complete enrollment process.

  • Current immunization records – see requirements on reverse side
  • Student’s birth certificate issued by the state
  • Valid driver’s license or government issued ID of the adult enrolling the student
  • Academic records from previous school such as last report card, withdrawal form, unofficial transcript, TAKS, EOC or other standardized test results
  • Student’s Social Security card if available
  • Proof of residency:  Please be prepared to submit one item from line A and one item from line B. (Documents must be in Guardian’s name, if not more paperwork is needed and must be notarized*)
    • A. (Lessee) verification in the form of your current lease/(Homeowner) verification in the form of HCAD records, a mortgage statement, or closing documents
    • .B. Verification in the form of your current gas, water or electric bill

Transcript/Records Request

Transcript Request Form

OFFICIAL transcripts are not handed or mailed directly to students/parents, but must be sent directly to an institution. Parents must have signed permission from students 18 and older, as well as a copy of the student’s driver’s license, to make requests.

A transcript is considered “Official” only if it is sent directly to a college, employer, scholarship committee, etc. Transcripts picked up or sent to your home are unofficial. We will process your request within 3 business days.


Records and Transcripts may be requested through the Registrar's Office from 7:05 am to 3:30 pm.  We are taking in person requests only for:

·       Unofficial transcripts ($1.00-cash only and payment is required at time of the request)

·       Official transcripts to be sent electronically to public in state colleges/universities as well as NCAA and NAIA (free)

·       All other transcript request need to be ordered on line at this time

You can use the above form if not on campus and need an official transcript sent electronically to public in-state colleges or universities as well as NCAA and NAIA (free).  Email it to [email protected] with “Transcript Request” in subject line.


On line requests can be requested using ScribOrder via this link:

  • This service can be used for all transcript requests and is the only way to request a transcript be sent to out-of-state or private colleges/universities at this time
  • It is the most efficient way to send transcripts to out-of-state colleges/universities as most can be sent electronically. 
  • COST $5.00 by debit/credit card

Final Senior Transcript Requests

Final Transcript Required by College/University

  • Final Transcript Requests – if you did not complete a Final Transcript Request Form prior to graduation, once you decide and complete your application to a college/university, you need to complete the online request via the district website at
  • Note:  In accordance with FERPA laws, records for students 18 and over will not be released to parents or others without written, signed consent and proof of identification from the student.
  • If you earned credit in a Dual Credit class, you must also request an official transcript be sent from Lone Star College to the school you will be attending.  You may request this on-line by following this path: , go to “Quick links” and scroll down to “Transfers and Transcripts.”  Make sure that grades for the semester have been posted before placing your order.


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