New Student Access to Connect

Welcome to Cypress-Fairbanks ISD & Cypress Woods High School!

 If you have recently enrolled as a new student in CFISD and selected to learn through our virtual CFISD Connect program, please use the following steps to log in and access your courses.

*Please note that there is about a 24-hour lag between your enrollment and when you will gain access to Schoology. If you are not able to login right away, don’t worry - this is normal, and your teachers will understand!

Student Information

Students can access Schoology by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your CFISD credentials:
    • The username will be s+your student ID number (ex. s12345)
    • The default password is CfisdMMDD (where mm and dd are the month and day of your birthday; ex. Cfisd0416)
    • To reset your password, visit
  3. To access Schoology, select the blue Schoology icon → schoology.jpg
  4. For your schedule, click on the Home Access Center icon
  5. Watch the following video to learn how to navigate Schoology:

Parent & Guardian Information

Parents can access Schoology and connect to their student’s by following these steps:

  1. Go to, then the Parents & Students tab
  2. Click on the Home Access Center (HAC) link
    • To login, you will need your username and password that was supplied by the District
    • Once you’re in Home Access Center, click Home → School Links → “Schoology Parent Code”
  3. Navigate to
    • Click Sign-Up - Select Parent
    • Enter in the Access Code you got from HAC
    • Fill in the required information to register
  4. Visit the links below if you need help with this process:

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