A Capella Club
Sponsor: Susan Omick
Students with an interest in the a cappella form of music meet and express themselves through a variety of styles, including beat boxing and harmonizing. Students learn and practice new pieces at meetings.
MEETINGS: second Monday of month 2:45-3:45pm   Room 1664

Advocats HOPE
Sponsors: Stephanie Weiss, Kathleen Abercrombie
‘Helping Other People Everyday’ -- club that supports our school and our community through volunteering and fundraising for organizations such as the Houston Food Bank, Cypress Assistance Ministries, and Texas Children’s Hospital.  
MEETINGS: To Be Determined

American Sign Language Club (ASL)
Sponsors: Doug Chumley
Educate others about Deaf & hard of hearing individuals in society. Learn & teach American Sign Language to members & guests of the organization.
MEETINGS: Thursdays 2:30-3:10pm Room 2606

Astronomy Club
Sponsor: Kiesha Williams
Those interested in astronomy can come together and learn and share ideas.
MEETINGS: Monday’s at 2:40 pm in Rm. 1176

Beta Club
Sponsor: Abbey Gagnon
Students meet to plan to serve the community by improving the generosity of people, academics, leadership, and ambition to succeed
MEETINGS: 2nd Thursday of the Month, 2:50 - 3:10 pm, RM. 2606

Book Battles
Sponsor: Terrie Schexnaider
The Book Battles Club is a district-wide venture encouraging competition and reading.  Members will read 12 pre selected novels and study details about the books. Members will meet twice a week in the Library Computer Lab to collaborate and strategize. The team members will compete in March in a district-wide Book Battles Competition against rivaling high schools. 
MEETINGS: Mondays 6:45 AM and Wednesdays 2:45 PM in the Library Computer Lab

Book Club
Sponsor: Debra English
Open to all students that enjoy reading and discussing books and reading experiences.
MEETINGS: First Thursday @ 2:45 pm in Rm. 2910

Cy-Woods Bowling Club
Coach: John Wong  
A competitive bowling team which meets a maximum of twice a week at Copperfield Bowl to compete against rival high schools. 
MEETINGS: Mondays and Friday’s at Copperfield Bowling Center from 3:30-5:00 pm

Carlton Companions
Sponsor: Amanda Gillihan
Carlton Companions perform service projects for the students at the Carlton Center, ensuring they are included as valued members of our Wildcat Family!
MEETINGS: Every other Thursday at 2:45 pm Rm. 2316

Chess Club
Sponsor: Melanie Forness
To provide relaxation by playing a strategic board game with other students while developing critical thinking skills
MEETINGS: Every other Tuesday 2:40-3:15pm Rm. 2012

Computer Science Club
Sponsor: Stacey Armstrong
A competitive computer club that prepares Computer Science contestants to compete around the State.
MEETINGS: Thursday at 2:45 in 1558

Culture Club
Sponsor: John Kent
Students will be introduced to other cultures of fellow students attending CWHS in a fun and friendly environmen
MEETINGS: Thursdays at 2:45 in 2307

Ducks Unlimited
Sponsor: Leah Stephanow
Ducks Unlimited is to inform students about the need to conserve North American wetlands and the many important ways each person can help in conservation, restoration and protections.
MEETINGS: Once a month on Thursdays, 2:30 p.m. Rm. 1163

Effective Altruism
Sponsor: Mitzi Phillips
Students meet to discuss Effective Altruism and how to spread awareness and help to promote a lifestyle  of virtue and integrity through reasearch based, cost-effective altruism. 
MEETINGS: Tuesday AM and Wednesday PM, Rm. 2612

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Sponsors: Andre Crumedy, Justin Nichols
The F.C.A. is an interdenominational faith organization.  The group seeks to challenge athletes, coaches and other students to share their faith with one another and the community.
MEETINGS: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month @ 6:40 am in Third Gym or Large Health Room

Wildcat Fishing Team
Sponsor: Ryan Hall
Educate students on fishing, as well as getting middle school students involved in high school activities.
MEETINGS: 1ST Tuesday of each month at 2:45 pm in rm. 1178

French Club
Sponsor: Penny Harvey
Enhance classroom learning of French in a relaxed social setting and participate in culture activities.
MEETINGS: twice a month on Tuesdays at 2:40pm in T009 (Portable 9)

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) 
Sponsors: Lori Andrade, Janice Walker, Stephanie D'Angelo
FBLA is a professional organization that gives students the opportunity learn about business and business related fields.Students will compete in local, state and national competitions. CyWoods FBLA Website

MEETINGS: Second Tuesday of the month, 6:45 am OR 2:45 pm Room 3010 

Future Farmers of America (FFA)
Sponsors: Kyle AtkinsKatie Dale, Monica McClellan, Tyler Meischen 
To make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
MEETINGS: Refer to FFA website for meeting dates 
FFA Website

Goodwill Hunting
Sponsor: Michael Wilson
A club for the students who have a passion for thrifting, and those who can't necessarily afford to buy name brand clothes to come together in an attempt to lessen the economic gap at Cy Woods. Come participate in awesome clothing transformation activities to turn old rags into innovative fads, and donate all of your unwanted clothing items to new loving homes!

H.E.A.T. (Human Environment Animal Team)
Sponsor: Meagan Kenny
To spread positive activism and make a difference in our community and world.
MEETINGS: Every other Thursday at 2:45 pm in Room 2608

Helping Africa Today
Sponsor: Stacy Hannah
Our goal is to make others aware of conditions in African countries and to help in any way we can
MEETINGS: Every other Monday morning at 6:40 am and Tuesday afternoon at 2:50 pm room 1667

HOLA  - Hispanic Organization for Leaders of America
Sponsors: Irma Salinas, Anita Sanchez
The HOLA Club is a Latin dance organization that is involved in community service projects and leadership building projects
MEETINGS: Tues. 2:50-4:30 room 1173 and Thurs. 2:50-4:30 room 2006

HOSA: Health Occupations Students of America
Sponsor: Laura Anderson, Alex Schubert, Cheryl Foster
To assist and build leadership skills for the health professions.
MEETINGS: When Announced, Rm. 2908

I.C.E. (Creative Writing Club)
Sponsor: Nikki Self
Students who enjoy writing will meet and be able to exchange ideas and grow as writers and participate in activities based off a shared interest..
MEETINGS: Every Other Thursday 2:45pm Rm. 2209

Illustration Club
Sponsor: Jonathan Streb
To build a community of illustrators through sharing and developing illustrative techniques.
MEETINGS: Tuesdays 2:45pm Rm. 2523

Sponsor: Doug Chumley
Men's Bible Study
MEETINGS: Every other Tuesday from 2:45 -3:10 pm 

Industrial Tech. Club
Sponsors: Mike Bennett, Steve Britt, Michael Pumphrey
Industrial Tech Club is open to all Technology students. Students may enter their projects in Regional, State and National events. Club also works with NASA/HUNCH and BEST Robotics at this time.
MEETINGS: 1st Tuesday of the Month from 2:30 -3:10 pm 1927

Interact Club
Sponsor: Aimee Ruiz
Service organization sponsored by Rotary Club International that promotes efforts of community service on local and worldwide levels.
MEETINGS: Tuesdays at 6:45 am and 2:40 pm, Rm. T-006 (Portable 6)

K Club
Sponsor: Shelly Solis
Students will learn about and discuss dfferent aspects of the Korean Culture
MEETINGS:  To Be Determine 2:50 pm, RM 1171

Key Club
Sponsor: John Kent
The student-led portion of Kiwanis Clubs International whose mission is to provide its members w/opportunities to provide service in community, develop character and leadership skills.
MEETINGS:  To Be Determine (check school calendar) in the Teaching Theater.

Latin Club
Sponsor: Barbara Johns
An organization for students who have taken or are taking Latin that provide opportunities to meet for cultural and social events.
MEETINGS: Rm. T007 (Portable 7)

Latin Honor Society
Sponsor: Barbara Johns
The Latin Honor Society is an honorary organization recognizing academic excellence in Latin.  The Honor Society also conducts the annual induction ceremony for new members.
MEETINGS: As announced in Rm. T007 (Portable 7)

Lend A Helping Hand 
Sponsor:  Carolyn Vasisko
Students from the Woods go to Robison Elementary School to help out the kids there and organize events.
MEETINGS: Third Wednesday of the month at 6:50am  Room 1662

Library Lunch Book Club
Sponsors:Terrie Schexnaider
Everyone will read the same book and have a book discussion. We will be working with the Lone Star College Library.
MEETINGS: One Thursday a month – Lunch time – Library – Rm. 2450

Life Club (Love is for Everyone)
Sponsors: Amanda Gillihan
LIFE Club is a club that provides a place of tolerance and acceptance to all students and those with LGBT orientation.
MEETINGS: Every other Thursday at 2:45 pm in Rm. 2316

Model United Nations
Sponsors: Jeff Krus
Students will meet with a purpose of Modeling United Nations Committee and resolve or address world issues through debate, research and other resources
MEETINGS: Every other Tuesday at 2:45 pm in Rm. 2310 

National Honor Society
Sponsor: Becky Rivard, Staci Stephens 
The Cypress Woods National Honor Society provides service to both community and school while developing and maintaining leadership, character and scholarship among the members. 
MEETINGS: 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 6:00 pm and Thursday @ 6:30 am in Teaching Theater.  NHS Website

No Place For Hate (NP4H)
Sponsor:  Frank Fraley
No Place for Hate® helps to create and sustain inclusive school environments where all students feel valued and have the opportunity to succeed by promoting respect for individual difference while challenging bigotry and prejudice.
Meetings:  TBA

Sponsor: Rebecca Rivard
PAWS was created to help dogs who have been rescued or who have been abandoned and are currently living in shelters find a forever home and make their lives better
MEETINGS: Third Thursday of the month in the Teaching Theater, from 2:45-3:10

Photographic Society
Sponsor: Tina Fox
Student's will be able to showcase their art and learn new photography skills
MEETINGS: Monday, 2:45 pm in Rm. 1860

PRAISE (Praying, Reading, and Inspiring Sisters Everywhere)
Sponsor: Katie Dale
To overcome obstacles and become as close to God as possible by meeting new friends, worship, and showing school spirit. 
MEETINGS: Every Wednesday at 6:30 am Rm. 1904

Proclaim the Name
Sponsor: K
evin Wittschen
Christian Fellowship Club that openly talks about the gospel of Jesus Christ and strives to help the community
MEETINGS: Wednesdays at 6:30 am 2210 

Project Linus
Nikki Self
This club makes blankets for children being treated at Memorial Hermann hospital.  Students in all grade levels are welcome
MEETINGS: Two Fridays a month in room 2209 

Raising Awareness of Diseases (RAD)
Sponsor: Doug Chumley
Educate others about various diseases and conditions, their prevention, and treatment.



Sci-Woods Competition Club
Sponsors: Timothy Kraemer, Shelly Solis
Club to allow students the opportunity to study for Science themed competitions including Academic UIL, Science Olympiad, National Science Bowl, and National Ocean Sciences Bowl.
MEETINGS: Mondays and Tuesdays @ 2:40, Room 1163

Spanish Club
Sponsors: Sonia Tolkov, Karolina Santiago
The Spanish Club exists to further enhance cultural awareness and diversity.
MEETINGS: Third Thursday of the month @ 2:35 p.m. in Rm. T005 (Portable 5)

Spanish National Honor Society
Sponsors: Illeana Perez
Promoting Hispanic language and culture.
MEETINGS: Wednesdays at 2:45 pm in Rm.2008

Sponsors: Tahtia Jones-Thomas, Beverly Crowder
A safe environment for students with intellectual disabilities to socialize and form relationships with non-disabled peers and join them together in community activities.
MEETINGS: To Be Determined

Tech Tuesday Club 
Sponsors: Terrie Schexnaider
The Tech Tuesday Club was created to give students the opportunity to increase their technology skills with computer coding.  Senior wildcats will lead lessons in coding for anyone wanting to learn more.
MEETINGS: Tuesdays 6:45 AM in the Library Computer Lab

UIL Academics
Sponsor: Stacey Armstrong
The University Interscholastic League is a comprehensive literary and academic competitive program that competes annually in the Spring.
MEETINGS: Last Friday at each month at 6:45 in 1558

UIL Math 
ponsor: Ti Change
Students compete in various local, state, and national (AMC) competitions. Like-minded students mentor one another in number sense, calculator applications, and mathematics.
MEETINGS: Every Wednesday 6:45am, Rm 1562
UIL Math Website

Water Polo 
Sponsor: Chris Pease, Tim Crosson
Compete in scrimmages, games and tournaments. Strengthen swimming skills, provide competitive opportunity and teaches teamwork.

MEETINGS: Mondays - Fridays at 5:45-6:45 am and 2:40-3:40 pm at Spillane MS pool
(Spring only, Late January to May)

Wildcats for Cy-Hope
Sponsor: Susan Williamson
he purpose of the club is to support the mission of Cy Hope through club participation in their community outreach and activities. Membership is currently open to all freshmen and sophomore students.
MEETINGS: 2nd Tuesday of Each Month  Rm. 2515

Wild Things
Sponsors: Craig Self, Nikki Self
Spirit group that leads the student section at football & other sporting events.
Tryouts are held in Spring. Must be a Senior

WIN (Wildcats in Need Club)
Sponsors: Lalaine Ferrer, Joyce Bontke
Help with both academic and personal of individuals in need by building self-confidence & motivation others in the club.
MEETINGS: Every other Tuesday, 2:45-3:10pm Room 1314

Wise Woods
Sponsors: Sarah Jones
Work with local retirement homes on events and activities for their residents
Meetings: Every other Tuesday 2:45-3:10 pm Room 2215

Young Ladies of Excellence
Sponsors: Ladye Lindsey
To motivate young ladies to strive for excellence in every area of their life. 
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of Month 2:50 pm Room 1373

Sponsors: Jennifer Turnbow
Students will meet to exercise and plan to help promote healthy lifestyles thru exercise
Meetings: Thursdays 2:45 pm Room 2121


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