Prom Information


Cy Woods High School Prom Information


CWHS Senior

  • Every senior has been assessed the Prom Ticket Fee on their account.  If you are planning on attending the Senior Prom, go to School Cash Online under your name and purchase a ticket.  It will be assigned to your name ready for pick up at the Finance window at the beginning of May.  Only you may pick up your ticket.  You may print the receipt of purchase for pick up ticket time or you will automatically be on the list of purchased tickets.  The ticket will belong to the senior it was assigned to.  Each ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable.

 CWHS Senior as guest

  • If you would like to purchase another CWHS senior’s ticket, it will need to be paid online under that senior’s name.  The ticket will remain in their name as it was assigned regardless of who or how the payment was made. 

 Guest - Underclassmen

  • March 26th, sales will begin for a senior to purchase a guest ticket.  There will be a table during lunches for a guest ticket purchase for a CWHS underclassmen.  This purchase will be made by cash, money order or cashier’s check only.  That ticket will then be in an envelope with the senior ticket at pick up.  This is not a time for a senior to buy their own ticket.  That is done online

 Guest – Outside of CWHS

  • March 26th, there will also be a table setup during lunches for a senior to purchase an outside of CWHS guest ticket.  The guest permission form, which will be in the AP office starting in March 1st, must be completed and presented to purchase.  The age requirements will be on the form and will be enforced.  This purchase will also be made by cash, money order or cashier’s check only and will also be in an envelope with the senior’s ticket at pick up
  •  Regardless of a purchase receipt, the student will need to present ID to pick up tickets and to enter the Prom

Questions, John Albritton, Senior Class Sponsor or Cheryl Hultquist, Campus Finance Secretary.

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