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Seniors planning to attend a four-year university next August 2016 must complete the following:

  • Take or re-take the SAT/ACT
  • Visit college campuses; talk to admission officers on campus.
  • Complete college applications during the first semester of the senior year.  Don’t wait until the deadline.
  • Essay prompts for College Applications
  • Order FAFSA pin numbers for yourself and a parent
  • Complete the FAFSA  (federal student aid) form in January.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night at the Berry Center
  • Look at housing options
  • Visit the colleges’ financial aid office to see what aid is available at a particular college.  Each college has a pool of money available for scholarships and this money is usually available on a first come, first served basis. Remember, financial aid includes scholarships, loans, grants, personal savings and work study programs.
  • Check with the college admissions’ office to see if you need to take a THEA or other placement test.  Some colleges will not allow you to register for classes without placement information.


CLICK HERE to get a Wildcat profile packet to give to teachers, counselors and others that you are requesting a recommendation letter from.  Remember to always provide your recommender with a stamped envelope with the college’s address typed on the front ( no return address).  Allow the recommender three weeks to prepare the letter.

If you are in need of a transcript, please see the following directions on how to obtain one at this time. We use an ON-LINE TRANSCRIPT REQUEST SYSTEM, which you can access through our district website, Go to the “Parents & Students” menu, and from the Academics section, choose “Student Records and Transcripts.” Click on the green button for the on-line request system. Follow the directions to the order system.

We are checking the system during the weekdays 9-2. We will get the transcripts out quickly. These are not the final transcripts. We will relay the directions on how to get a final transcript sent when we know what the directions are.

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