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Seniors planning to attend a four-year university next August 2016 must complete the following:

  • Take or re-take the SAT/ACT
  • Visit college campuses; talk to admission officers on campus.
  • Complete college applications during the first semester of the senior year.  Don’t wait until the deadline.
  • Essay prompts for College Applications
  • Order FAFSA pin numbers for yourself and a parent
  • Complete the FAFSA  (federal student aid) form in January.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night at the Berry Center
  • Look at housing options
  • Visit the colleges’ financial aid office to see what aid is available at a particular college.  Each college has a pool of money available for scholarships and this money is usually available on a first come, first served basis. Remember, financial aid includes scholarships, loans, grants, personal savings and work study programs.
  • Check with the college admissions’ office to see if you need to take a THEA or other placement test.  Some colleges will not allow you to register for classes without placement information.


CLICK HERE to get a Wildcat profile packet to give to teachers, counselors and others that you are requesting a recommendation letter from.  Remember to always provide your recommender with a stamped envelope with the college’s address typed on the front ( no return address).  Allow the recommender three weeks to prepare the letter.

  • The deadline for many scholarships is close at hand.  Stop by the Registrar’s office to request your transcript before and after school or during your lunch.  Please remember that you are not to miss instruction time to request your transcripts.  If the Scholarship is requesting an Official copy of your transcript to be mailed to them, please bring a stamped envelope with the address printed on it along with all of the required documentation.  We will mail the whole packet off for you once we add the official transcript. There is $1.00 fee for the transcript.
  • Also be aware that many of the Universities to which you are interested in attending, may want a mid-year transcript sent.  We can help you with that as well.  FYI, there is not a charge when sending your transcript electronically through the TREx system.  All of our state colleges and universities accept transcripts this way. A few private and out of state colleges receive them via TREx as well so please ask the registrar’s office staff.  There is $2.00 fee for mailing the transcript out of state.
  • FINAL Transcript request forms will be distributed in your Senior English class the week of April 15th 2019.  Please complete those when given the opportunity in class or at home and return them to your teacher by May 1st, 2019. 

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